The Witching Tree

Within the branches of a carefully selected tree, offerings of fibre vulvas are placed within branches over the course of the summer. Each woolen vulva (Woolva), is deliberately placed with two intentions. The first, is a wish that all women can find a place of comfort & love in their own bodies. The second, is an acknowledgement of what women faced in the past for being powerful, and outspoken. Woolvas may be purchased and taken home at the end of Uproar.

About the Artist

Kim Valentine, Artist (she/her)

Kim Valentine is an Ottawa born artist. Her Centretown home studio, affectionately called The Artery is filled with textiles, fibres, and feminism. Kim’s art journey began in 2012, with a beginner’s set of oil paints, a makeshift easel, and an ugly cry about needing art. Kim’s art and feminism finally found each other in late 2017. In a small act of defiance against a system that creates vulgarity around anatomy, Kim uses the subtlety of wool to create simple, abstract interpretations of vulvas. Woolen vulvas, lovingly named Woolvas.