Spurphie’s art simultaneously celebrates and challenges notions of femininity. Her works portray traditionally feminine elements, with stylization that is often cute, whimsical, simple, and fun. Even when depicting unapologetically pink and girly characters, she gives them details that bridge the gap between a cartoon world and the experiences of real women. The subject might be part monster, an amalgamation of multiple beautiful lady faces on one body, or possess magical powers. In portraying characters who are both strong and feminine, Spurphie wishes to highlight the undervalued power of women.

About the Artist

Stephanie Bouros, visual artist (she/her)

Spurphie is driven to challenge common sexist narratives due to the sex-based oppression she’s experienced since childhood. She held her debut solo art show in 2017, and has sold stickers, cards and other products at craft shows since. Her art can also be seen adorning posters and merch for local musicians such as Sparklesaurus and Valois. She’s been learning how to tattoo since her apprenticeship began at Hellbound in 2018. She is inspired by the magical girl genre (such as Sailor Moon) and horror (especially Junji Ito) and tattoo artists such as Rebecca Blair and Hannah Flowers.