Speaking Vibrations 🤟

PERFORMANCES: Friday August 9th (8PM) & Saturday August 10th (8PM)

A sharp sound moved through her and she signed my sensations – all my fears and dreams fell out in her rhythm. What happens when I come into contact with a body in all its forms? When I speak in my feet, hear in my hands and see in vibrations?

A 30 minute multi-disciplinary work in music, movement, rhythm tap dance, spoken word, song and ASL song/poetry. This piece features four artists, several of whom are cis-identifying women, artists of colour and new generation artists. Ottawa-based spoken word artist, singer and instrumentalist King Kimbit, Deaf artist and sign language performer Jo-Anne Bryan, rhythm tap artist and sign-language interpreter Carmelle Cachero, and contemporary dance artist and choreographer Jordan Samonas.

About the artists

Jo-Anne Bryan, ASL song/poetry artist (she/her)

With over ten years of experience working with communities in Toronto, Jo-Anne lobbies for people with disabilities and Deaf people to have access to services that meet their needs. As long as she can remember, she has enjoyed illustrating art works, and has started to transfer her stories and art works to pattern designs. She is an artist in her heart and soul. She is currently an ASL consultant/Deaf interpreter to Deaf theatre actors.

Carmelle Cachero, rhythm tap artist (she/her)

Carmelle is a rhythm tap dancer who has been involved with the performing arts her entire life. She is the assistant artistic producer for the Ottawa Rhythm Initiative and dances with the ORI Ensemble. During her time living in Vancouver BC, she was a member of The Urban Tap Squad and in 2003 co-founded the West Coast Tap Dance Collective with a mission to promote, develop and preserve the art of tap dancing. In her professional life, Carmelle works as a Certified Sign Language Interpreter with her passion for the arts extending into her professional life with a niche in Interpreting for Theatre.

King Kimbit, spoken word artist, singer, instrumentalist (she/her)

King Kimbit is an internationally-acclaimed multidisciplinary literary Hip-Hop artist, interested in telling stories that are authentic to her experiences and identities. Her poetic work details the realities of her upbringing as the daughter of Vietnamese immigrants, the truths of her social vantage point as a young racialized womxn, and her stance on social issues regarding racism, de/colonization, and gender inequality.

Jordan Samonas, contemporary dance artist (she/her)

Jordan Samonas is a dancer, teacher, choreographer and collaborator whose work is inspired by, among many things, education, philosophy, human nature and psychology. She is interested in the promotion of the arts in Ottawa, in creating fresh and unique live music and dance events, and getting bums in seats! North of Mind is her most recent stage work in Ottawa, created in collaboration with local jazz musician Dennis Bass, remounted in April 2018. Jordan also created and produced ROOTED Contemporary dance, a contemporary dance event and platform for local, live, dance in Wakefield, QC . Jordan is also a member of the Ottawa Rhythm Initiative Tap Dance Ensemble.