A South African Homecoming

Performances: Thursday August 8th (8PM) & SATurday August 10th (2PM)

She takes the audience through a multicultural dance journey, about her life growing up in South Africa to her sudden immigration to Newfoundland, Canada all through her current residency of Ottawa. Alongside the journey, she relives her experiences of mental illness, love, and tales of puberty, and through it all, it was the power of dance that became her escape, her best friend and one point, saved her life.

About the Artist

Priyanka Gopalkista, playwright/performer/dancer (she/her)

Priyanka Gopalkista originally born and raised in South Africa, is completing her final year University of Ottawa, pursuing a Major in Theatre and Minor in Psychology. An actor, playwright and dancer, her first written production “So, You’re South African, eh? , was part of the Youth Infringement Theatre festival 2017 and currently progressed to the annual Fresh Meat Theatre Festival 2018. Being an experienced dancer, Priyanka has also taught dance, including hip-hop dance classes at University of Ottawa and a workshop for the Ottawa Children’s Festival, amongst taking classes and workshops through the National Arts Centre.